A Few Thoughts on this Fine Friday

It’s Move-in Season in Happy Valley

State College is filling up as students arrive for the start of classes on Monday. This afternoon I saw many disoriented people on campus. It seems like forever ago and yesterday that I moved here. As I watched people looking at maps, activating PSU access accounts, and  figuring out bus schedules today I was reminded what it is like to move to a new area.

A Familiar Bike

While I walked away from the library today I saw a familiar bike. It was a sweet vintage Cannondale road bike that I test rode at Freeze Thaw Cycles this spring, but decided not to purchase because it was a bit undersized. I stopped to look at it closer to confirm it was the same bike. Evidently it is now owned by the kind of person who spends the last Friday before the beginning of the semester at the library.

A Good Bad Day

Tonight I watched Roy Halladay have an off night and still manage to throw seven shut out innings. It’s pretty sweet when you’re so good you can compete with less than your best and dominate. The Phillies’ offense been very inconsistent, tomorrow will be a real test.

A Funny Interview

After the Philllies wrapped up their game I watched the fourth quarter of the Eagles’ preseason game with Cincinnati. Preseason football is brutally bad. To fill time and distract from the game an interview with Chad Ochocinco and terrell owens was conducted. It contained mostly nonsense, but a real highlight was owens saying he had experience providing leadership in times of adversity. Yeah, leadership like a kamikaze pilot.


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