Catching Up With an Old Roommate

When I first moved to State College I lived in Garban Hall (part of PSU’s White Course Apartment Complex). I had three roommates, one of which was a South Korean named Min-Kyu. After we moved away from Garban Hall we kept in touch. His studies have taken him many places. Until this week it had been years since our paths crossed.

Min-Kyu and his wife (I can say her name, but I have no idea how to spell it) stopped by State College and stayed at my place from Wednesday evening to Friday morning. They’re on their way to Washington D.C. to do some sightseeing.

Over the past 36 hours:

  • I learned some of the subtleties of the Korean word annyong (I was inspired to ask about this by Arrested Development).
  • I was reminded once again how crazy the English language is (slang, exceptions to rules, multiple pronunciations, colloquialisms, etc). We spent a lot of time talking about the English language encountered during day-to-day activities (the English on the street, if you will). As I explained what various things meant I was saddened to realize how poorly many native English speakers communicate.
  • I ate an entire meal with a pair of chopsticks for the first time.

Another thing I learned recently is the power of using macros in Excel, particularly with relative reference points. I had to recode some of my data. I’ve never recoded data in Excel, all my previous recoding was done in SPSS. But my SPSS software license  has expired so I’m working with my data in Excel and using WordPad to write my SAS code; I then go to a PSU computer lab and run (or attempt to run) my desired tests.

It’s pretty cool to see a job that would take an estimated 15 hours be changed to 10 minutes. Macros for the win.



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3 responses to “Catching Up With an Old Roommate

  1. thebylog

    SAS is very powerful for data manipulation as well.

  2. annyong

    Annyong? I’m glad to see the word annyong here. I’m Korean and I found your blog by googling Pringles. I like your blog! (Sorry for my poor English)

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