Acquiring a Driver

Today I got a driver. You might be wondering, does that mean you hired someone as a chauffeur or that you got a golf club? Hoke Colburn is pretty cool, but I do not do enough traveling to justify hiring a wheelman. Of course I might not do enough golfing to justify getting the club either, but it was rather cheap since it is not a brand new model.

Oversized drivers have always intimidated me. With great power comes great responsibility. A mistake made with a supercharged driver is magnified. Instead of being 20 yards off the fairway you end up wondering where the ball stopped and whether or not it’s still on the golf course property. With the number of erratic drives I hit I was happy to use a less powerful club.

Things changed my last time on the course. I didn’t have any disasters off the tee*. Several balls I hit as hard as I could and was disappointed with the total length. I decided to look for a used driver that would be an upgrade to my current King Cobra Ti (10.5°). Eventually I found a used Taylormade R580 XD Ti (9.5°) that I liked. End of story.

My driver.

*With a driver, that is (I had one atrocious 4 iron tee shot). I attribute the improvement in driving primarily to two pointers I received from someone while we were waiting to tee off for the round. 1) Add a very brief pause at the top of my backswing. 2) Double check to make sure I’m not holding the club face open on address. If that straighter and more consistent driving intends to stay with remains to be seen.


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