My Newest Toy: A Ukulele

During the summer of 2007 I took a trip to Hawaii. While walking Waikiki Beach I occasionally saw people meandering along strumming ukuleles. I decided then and there that I would own a ukulele at some point in my life.

In early June of this summer I watched a few YouTube videos of people playing the ukulele. That prompted me to Tweet “I really wish I owned a ukulele.”

And then the weekend before my birthday I received a gift from the members of my Life Group. That’s right, it was a gift certificate for the Olive Garden (just kidding, it was a ukulele). It’s a Lanikai LU-21 soprano ukulele.

The ukulele poses.

Learning to play a new instrument has been fun. Many similarities exist between the uke and the guitar but it takes some time to adjust to the string arrangement and size of the fret board. Right now I can move around in the keys of C and G pretty well; I need to continue to add to my chord palette.


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