The 2010 Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts

Saturday completed the arts festival doubleheader. We went to the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts in State College, PA. I’ve been to this festival several times before, so I knew what to expect. Many of my favorite artists from years past (see blog posts from 2008 and 2009) were back.

An action shot from Arts Fest '10.

I did not get many pictures this time around. One display that caught my eye involved multi-dimensional photographs. I think I might experiment with this using a few of my own pictures  someday. Essentially the picture is cut into layers by focal depth. The layers are then mounted on a firm backing and spaced out slightly. It creates a very cool effect. It gave me all sorts of ideas about multi-dimensional flower photos.

We stopped by the Central Parklet to see sand sculptor Brad Goll at work. He was making an upright sculpture that highlighted transportation in Pennsylvania.

Brad Goll at work.

I really enjoy the State College Arts Fest. This year was no exception.

While we were walking out to the parking lot I saw a very interesting oak tree. Suddenly my mind shifted from art to horticulture.

An interesting oak tree.

Notice anything odd? The left side of the tree seems to be suffering from some sort of nutrient deficiency, while the right is thriving. Check out the difference in leaf color.

Green, greener.

Since we were walking I did not have time to instigate enough to figure out what was causing this. I’m sure it can be traced below ground. It is a root and/or soil issue. I’ve seen trees with a branch or two that looked different, but never a tree that was divided almost perfectly in half like this one was.

I’m glad we went to both art festivals this weekend. Each one was unique enough to justify attending it. I suspect my future involves more summer art festival doubleheaders.


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