The LeBron James One Hour ESPN Special

As much as I hated all the LeBron free agency speculation I did tune in for the ESPN special tonight when he announced his destination. Here are a few thoughts from it:

It started poorly

The special started with a brief introduction to LeBron James and his career. Then four analysts talked about where they thought he would go. They claimed sources and made predictions. I learned nothing new from this segment. I almost tuned out, for the Phillies were playing a close game with the Reds at the time.

LeBron looked sad

I expected LeBron to be happy, excited, and eager to spend time in front of the camera. Instead he looked pained. I think he felt bad for Cleveland. He spent a lot of time talking about winning. It seemed like he was still trying to convince himself that he made the right move. When he said he had no regrets or doubts I did not believe him.

About two minutes after the announcement I switched back to the Phillies game. I suspect about 91% of the viewing audience never made it to the end of the one hour special.

Hopefully these announcement specials don’t catch on

I doubt they will. LeBron is a very special player, with a special tie to a region (at least he used to have a special tie to Ohio). If a situation as compelling as this produced such a boring and tedious special it should make future specials less likely.

It’s hard to feel good about this development unless you’re a fan of the Miami Heat. I would love to see the Cavs knock the Heat out of the play-offs this year. . .


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