A Pringles Update

My Pringles page has finally been updated. Right now all 37 flavors I have tasted appear in my rankings. Here are some of the recent additions:

Lightly Salted (7.2, 7.1, C)

This flavor is somewhat troubling. It contains 50% less sodium than the Original flavor, and it raises awareness of just how important sodium is in a crisp. That 50% reduction leads to a pretty bland crisp.

I suspect that if you took a regular Pringle and washed it under a faucet and dried it the end result would be something like this Lightly Salted flavor. There is hope for this flavor, however. If paired with a sandwich or dip it could be very good.

One thing puzzles me. Why in the world does the salt shaker on the can have wings? Because it is light as a bird? Innocent as a dove? Or maybe those are angel wings? This salt is like an angel.

Hoppin’ Horseradish (1.1, 0.2, F)

The current worst tasting Pringle. I really thought the Mozzarella Sticks & Marinara flavor would forever be the Pringles low point. I was wrong. This flavor is pure horseradish. If you like to eat horseradish straight up you’ll enjoy it. I managed to eat about nine of these crisps to determine a ranking. I never intend to eat another. If you’d like a great deal on at least 91 crisps* in a pre-owned can of Hoppin’ Horseradish Pringles let me know.

Thank goodness this flavor is only available for a limited time.

*on average

Sizzlin’ Sweet BBQ (7.8, 7.2, B-)

This is one of the hottest flavors of Pringles I have ever had (I’m inclined to say the very hottest). The flavor is initially very sweet, but then the burn kicks in. It threw a wrinkle in my taste testing, for I could not cleanse my palette to try the next flavor in my line up. I had to wait about twenty minutes. So this is not a weak flavor. A slogan on the can urges you to “Test Your Taste Buds!”

The can also contains an interesting hotness meter.

The meter indicates the hotness falls between two small fires and a big fire. Which does not require a fire extinguisher. That’s good. But this strangely subjective and nebulous chart is not used for any other flavors, so how is the consumer supposed to gauge how hot the flavor is? Are little fires and big fires a universal hotness scale, like the Scoville scale? If you are making a nonsense scale to put on a can of one of your hottest products, why would make it fall less than half way up that scale? Doesn’t it make your product look weak?

Cheesy Cheddar (Mult Grain) (9.0, 8.8, B+)

This is the first of two multi grain Pringles flavors I tried recently. I really like the combination of the grains with a flavoring. In this case it happens to be cheddar. The initial taste is very similar to some of the other cheddar based flavors, but the grains add interesting texture and flavoring to the crisps. This is especially  noticeable in the aftertaste.

Creamy Ranch (Multi Grain) (8.9, 8.8, B+)

Another good combo of multi grain crisp and flavoring. The ranch flavor is just like the regular Ranch, but the grains in the chip add to the taste. I wasn’t overly impressed with the Truly Original Multi Grain flavor, but the cheddar and ranch versions are winners in my book.


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5 responses to “A Pringles Update

  1. kateintheshade

    I’d be interested in trying the horseradish Pringles. I really like horseradish and have been known to eat it plain.

  2. Jess

    RE: The Sizzlin’ Sweet BBQ flavor: Maybe the hotness meter is only on the one flavor because they haven’t come out with the other flavors that will have it included. I’m willing to be patient and find out!!

    Love the flavor, love the heat. These receive an A in my book!

    • Thanks for visiting my blog.

      “Maybe the hotness meter is only on the one flavor because they haven’t come out with the other flavors that will have it included.”

      That’s a possibility that the hotness meter will be used for future products. Sizzlin’ Sweet BBQ is only about halfway up the scale, so flavors in the upper region would be pretty hot. I think it would be a good idea for them to release more spicy flavors (though I must admit that they are not my favorites, I learn toward the sour cream and cheese flavors).

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