A Sports Update

The Phillies

Right now the Phils are facing a barrage of injuries and slumps. June was rough, and July is looking the same. Times like these weed out the faux fans, the ones that are drawn to winning teams like bugs to lights on summer nights. Thankfully much time remains in the season, so it’s not time to panic yet. After being shutout again in Pittsburgh last night the team is on pace to be shut out 17 times this season. Despite the team’s struggles they sit in third place, just three games behind the Braves and Mets.


Serena Williams won the Ladies Singles title this morning. She played very well throughout the tournament. Her serve was extraordinary, it was probably the best sustained serving in a tournament I have ever seen in women’s tennis. I’ve also never seen the players involved in the previous major title match (in this case the French Open), both lose in the first round of the next major. Sciavone and Stosur both looked awful.

Nadal has played very well and must be considered a favorite in the Gentlemen’s Singles title match tomorrow. That being said, Tomas Berdych has played the best tennis of his life. He defeated the #1 seed (Federer) in the quarterfinals and the #3 seed (Djokovic) in the semifinals, now he faces the #2 seed (Nadal) in the final. If he wins the title it will be an epic finish, right through the top three seeds.

World Cup

I have not watched much soccer lately. The last match I watched was Brazil’s first round win. I’ve seen highlights and read some match summaries. At this point I do not have a strong rooting interest, though I’m leaning toward supporting the Netherlands.

The Eagles

Release Mike Vick. Please.

NBA Free Agency

I don’t care where this class of free agents ends up. I wish there was a filter I could put on my computer and television that would eliminate all NBA coverage (or at least the speculation). In the word of Charles Barkley, it’s “turrable.”



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2 responses to “A Sports Update

  1. Adam

    Bring on the Mike Kafka Era!

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