Snake on the Lam

Tonight I walked to my apartment in the dark from the home of some friends. As I was walking through a wooded section where light was scarce a thought crossed my mind: I’m glad we don’t have large reptiles in PA. For some reason that fleeting thought stuck with me, and as I walked I reflected on how a large reptile population would change the way I lived (I probably wouldn’t walk home without a light in the dark).

When I got back to my apartment I happened to read the local news at the Centre Daily Times website. A story on the front page jumped out at me: “Ferguson Township police seek escaped 10-foot python.” Guess what township I live in? Yup, it’s Ferguson. The snake was lost on Linn Street, which happens to run parallel to Curtin Street, which I just walked moments ago.

Here’s the funny thing, when I was walking up Curtin Street something rustled (or slithered) in a pile of large plant debris piled on the curb beside the road. Whatever creature was in the pile of debris waited until I was walking past, about two feet away, before moving suddenly. It caused me to jump, but I assumed it was a raccoon, opossum,cat, or squirrel. If I had known there was a 10-foot python loose in the area I would have shattered Usain Bolt’s 50m time.

Go west young snake, go west.

Do I really think it was the snake? Probably not. It would be very unlikely. But while I was walking home I would have said the odds of me passing within a few feet of  a large python on this dark night were millions to one, after reading the news story I think the odds just changed.

FYI: If you live close by you might not want to leave small children, cats, or dogs outside unattended.

**Edit 6/23/10**

The State College police just captured the eel in snakes clothing around 8pm on Wednesday. It was in a yard by a house on Harris Street.



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  1. Carol

    EEEWWWWW, Ben, that is just nasty!!!!

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