Pringles’ American Summer Griller Sidekicks

Pringles has released a new series of crisps for the summer of 2010. They are named American Summer Griller Sidekicks. The series contains three flavors: All American BBQ, Dill Pickle, and Ketchup.

The Pringles American Summer Griller Sidekicks line up.

Each can features a container graphic consistent with the flavor–a barbecue sauce bottle, a jar of dill pickles, and a ketchup bottle–as well as an cartoon anthropomorphic crisp in the act of picnicking.

I have not updated my master rankings yet, but here are the scores for these flavors. The numbers/letters in parentheses indicate: (taste, aftertaste, letter grade).

All American BBQ (7.5, 7.5, C+)

I fail to notice any difference between this flavor and the regular Barbeque flavor. Since I’m not a big fan of BBQ chips/crisps I did not give it a very high score.

Dill Pickle (8.5, 8.2, B-)

This flavor is a bit like Screamin’ Dill Pickle, yet not as extreme. Both the taste and aftertaste are a bit muted in comparison. Since part of the charm Screamin’ Dill Pickle holds with me is the trashy McDonald’s cheeseburger aftertaste, this flavor scores a bit lower.

Ketchup (7.3, 6.8, C-)

I’ve had ketchup flavored potato chips before, so the concept was not unique to me. The Pringles take on ketchup is underwhelming. The initial flavor is somewhat ketchup-like, but the aftertaste is disappointingly bland.


I’d stick to the regular flavors for your picnics this summer.


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