A SCEFC Service Timing Update

Late in March I mentioned that I was timing the parts of the State College E-Free Church Sunday morning service. Here is an update with the data from March, April, and May.

SCEFC service times during March, April, and May (2010)

Part of my reason for doing this was to determine how much variation was occurring in the length of the singing time and whether that variation (I was confident I would see it) impacted the sermon time or time of dismissal.

Here is a look at just the singing time over that stretch, color coded to indicate different coordinators.

SCEFC duration of weekly singing in March, April, and May (2010)

There is quite a bit of variation in the duration of the singing time on a weekly basis, so the value of the mean is debatable (it happens to be 17 minutes and 58 seconds for March, April, and May).  As a coordinator I am dragging that number down, my mean is 14 minutes and 20 seconds.

My times are short because I avoid excessive repetition of verses and choruses, leave very little time between songs, and normally use a prelude and three songs as the main set. I’m considering adding another song to the main set, most of the other coordinators use a prelude and four songs.

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