Search Results and Future Posts

I see a daily summary of the searches that send people to my blog. Today someone ended up on my blog after searching: goat wearing a bikini. I feel bad though, my post that features the words goat and bikini does not mention a goat wearing a bikini, and it pictures a goat in a baseball uniform and a goat in tie-dyed shirt (I mentioned a bikini clad ewe, but decided not to include the picture).

By the way, the most common search that sends someone to my blog is: pringles. Someday goat wearing a bikini might overtake it for first place, but it’s about as probable as the Baltimore Orioles winning the AL East this year.

My schedule is pretty crazy right now. Today I returned home from a day at my field experiment site and fell asleep on the floor while eating dinner. Time to blog has been scarce. When I do find time, here are a few things that I have planned:

  • Four new Pringles flavors (Multigrain Ranch, Ketchup, Dill Pickle, and American BBQ)
  • Some thoughts on Kermit the Frog’s autobiography and self help book Before You Leap
  • An update on the SCEFC service time distributions
  • More experiment updates
  • Thoughts on appreciation of people, relationships, and things
  • Being frugal vs being cheap
  • Why I like Kristin Stewart
  • Thoughts on Francis Chan’s book Crazy Love

By the way, if any of my readers happen to have a weather controller they’re not using this week I’d love to borrow it. The rain that is planning to arrive over the next couple of days is throwing off my schedule.


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One response to “Search Results and Future Posts

  1. Olivia

    oohh, looking forward to:
    Being frugal vs. being cheap
    Why I like Kristin Stewart (especially fascinated after I googled who that was…one of the few who would have to do that I think!)
    Thoughts on Fran Chan’s book. I started reading the book with a very high opinion of him but was disappointed and frustrated with parts of it.

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