Building Boxes

Wednesday and Thursday were dedicated to building boxes. On Wednesday we  cut and drilled the lumber, on Thursday we assembled. In the end we had 112 boxes that are 36″x12″x8″ and 32 that are 36″x36″x12″. I’ll be using those boxes as planting beds for firs. They will house two experiments from June through July.

A pile of boxes.

I decided that the smaller sized box looks like a dachshund coffin.

Fir planting boxes or dachshund coffins?

Now that the boxes have been built the next step is getting soil delivered next week to fill them. Today I’ll be picking up ground fabric and plastic that will be used to set up some of the treatments.

This morning I communicated with sales reps and research techs at several major chemical companies in an effort to procure free fungicides for one of these fir experiments. So far things look promising on that front.

Next week my Phytophthora cultures will arrive. I’ll be growing them on V8 agar (I need to make a batch this weekend), then getting them established on rice grains.

So far my experiment preparation has been running on schedule (I’d be ahead of schedule if The Home Depot had not been two days late with my order). *taps desk three times*


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