2010 State College High School Volleyball Invitational

The 2010 State College High School Volleyball Invitational Tournament was held this past Friday and Saturday. My cousin Tyler plays for the varsity volleyball team at Christopher Dock, and they participated in the tournament. I attended all of Dock’s matches on Friday evening and Saturday morning-afternoon. It was the first time I was in any of the State College High School buildings. All of Dock’s games were in the old gymnasium, which was rather underwhelming. The ceiling was low, the lights were dim, and the heat was excessive.

I brought my camera on Saturday, but I found it difficult to get good photos. The light levels were very low in the gym. It was also tough because we were seated so close to the court it made following the action with a camera tough. I had to set my shutter speed faster than the light would allow (so I had dark pictures) to prevent blurry shots, then lighten the pictures via editing. Here are a few shots:

A second before a dramatic kill.

A big serve.

Tyler (#4) registers a kill.

This spike blasted right through the blockers.

Every match Dock played in was close, but they ended up on the wrong side of the score too often to advance past pool play. In rally scoring those close matches come down to a very few critical plays. I enjoyed watching the games, it made me miss playing volleyball.

I’m not sure which team won the tournament; I left before the championship round started. I hope to attend the tournament again next year if Dock is back in it.


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