Autographs: Atlanta Braves

Tonight the Phillies are playing the rubber game of a three game series with the Braves in Atlanta. I’ve watched or listened to all three games, at times attempting to simultaneously get some work done, at times just enjoying the game. I don’t have much time to write a blog post, so I thought I’d do another autograph installment. The theme is the Atlanta Braves. Even though the Braves are a rival of the Phillies I do not have a strong dislike for them. Sure I root against them, but I don’t despise the franchise or players (I save those feelings for the Mets and Marlins).

Chipper Jones

Chipper Jones – 1998 Bowman

I remember when Chipper was a young prospect surrounded by hype. His arrival in Atlanta coincided with the dawn of a golden era for the Braves. Chipper quickly established himself as a star. I sent this card to Chipper and he was kind enough to sign it for me.

Andruw Jones

Andruw Jones – 1997 Collector’s Choice

For a few years Andruw Jones was a beast in the Atlanta outfield. He made spectacular defensive plays, he hit home runs, he flew around the bases. I remember watching Game 1 of the1996 World Series when he hit two home runs as a nineteen year-old. I sent this card to Andruw at the peak of his career. I can see the Jones part of the signature, but the Andruw is a mystery.

Tom Glavine – 1996 Leaf

Tom Glavine

Tom Glavine was part of the vaunted Atlanta pitching staff. He is also likely the best hockey player to ever play in MLB. Even though Tom spent a few years with the Mets I will only think of him as a Brave. I really like Tom’s signature, it is quite clear and distinct. I also like the placement of the autograph.

Mark Wohlers

Mark Wohlers – 1997 Topps

When I sent this card to Mark he was a dominant closer. Soon after signing it he forgot how to throw strikes. He was an intimidating presence out of the bullpen with a big fastball.

So there are four of my autographed cards from Atlanta Braves players, now I need to return to the project I have been temporarily neglecting. . .


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