The End of My Census Saga

I never received a 2010 Census Questionnaire in the mail. Just to prove I was not forgotten I got a reminder to fill out the census, but the actual questionnaire never arrived. So this morning I biked to the nearest Be Counted/Assistance Center to pick up a form.

As I filled out the bulky questionnaire and placed it in the oversized envelope that accompanied it, I couldn’t help but marvel at the inefficiency of the process. Why is this questionnaire not available online? If we can e-file our taxes shouldn’t we be able to submit census information digitally? Collecting my name, address, age, and ethnicity should not have required so much paper and postage.

When I picked up my census form the census worker wondered if the entire apartment complex I live at had been neglected in the initial census mailing. Evidently several people have stopped by with the same story. If that is the case I expect to see door-to-door census workers collection information soon. (I suspect most people lack the initiative to figure out how to procure a census, and then do so, without the threat of some sort of consequence. Maybe I’m too cynical, but I think that is reality.)


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