SCEFC Set List (April 11)

On Sunday I will be serving as the worship leader at State College E-Free Church. The text for the message is John 21. Part of this passage is an account of a conversation between Jesus and Peter. Peter must still be struggling with the fact that he denied Jesus. He must be ashamed. Yet Jesus does not dwell on his failure. Instead Jesus allows Peter to affirm his commitment and gives him a task (“Feed my sheep”).

This serves as a reminder to me that even when I feel like a failure God does not change, and my standing before Him does not change. I can rest in His love and grace. My desire is to have my heart tuned to sing of the grace I have been given by One who is mighty to save. In times of difficulty and in times of favor may I remember that my victory is not of my own doing. The healing and grace I have received are to be celebrated (and I use the word celebrated two ways here: 1) to make widely known and esteemed 2) to respond in joy).

So this is the set list I came up with.

Prelude: (C) Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing – Robert Robinson & Jeff Redd

I love this song as a prelude because it is both a prayer and a reflection on the Gospel. The phrase “tune my heart to sing Thy grace” is one of my favorite hymn lyrics.

Song #1: (A) Mighty to Save – Reuben Morgan & Ben Fielding

This song speaks of our need for a Savior. It also speaks of the Gospel. In our fears and failures we remind ourselves that we belong to the Author of salvation and urge each other to glorify Jesus.

Song #2: (D) Desert Song – Brooke Fraser

Here we celebrate the victory we have in Christ. In the bridge there is a powerful reminder that in every season of life we have reason to worship God. The song concludes with a reminder to share what we have been given, to extend grace and love to others.

Song #3: (C) Wonderful Merciful Savior – Dawn Rodgers & Eric Wyse

This song is a fitting end to the main set, offering praise and adoration to our Savior. This song also speaks of weakness and restoration explicitly in two of the three verses (and implicitly in the other verse).

Closing Song: (A) Majesty – Martin Smith & Stuart Garrard

This song is yet another testimony to our weakness and the grace of God. Though we are empty handed we are given life. It is an outpouring of love that should elicit a response.

I’m looking forward to the Saturday evening practice and Sunday morning service.


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