A Few Monday Night Thoughts

The End of Lent

With the arrival of Easter Sunday we have reached the end of Lent 2010. Over the past couple of days I have heard numerous people make remarks about being happy they get to resume eating/watching/drinking/using something they gave up for Lent. But I have heard nothing about lessons learned or the benefits of giving something up for Lent. I’m pretty sure the goal of giving up something you value for an expended period of time is not to simply heighten your enjoyment of that object or activity after Easter.

Donovan McNaab Traded

The McNaab trade would have made more sense to me had it occurred on April 1st. My faith in the Eagles’ personnel moves is substantial, however, so I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. It annoys me to see how many people in Philly have shown Donovan no respect. He is the greatest quarterback to ever play for the Philadelphia Eagles. He consistently handles himself with class and grace. I am grateful to him for his years of service, and I wish him the best in Washington.

Road Bike Shopping

My quest to find a road bike continues. I anticipate making the purchase this week. Right now the major candidates (with corresponding odds) are a Cannondale (2:1), a Giant (1:3), and a LeMond (1:1).

The Phillies are Undefeated

This afternoon the Phillies won their first game of 2010, breaking a four year Opening Day losing streak. I planned to watch the game while grading quizzes but discovered that it was on local Philly television and not on Comcast SportsNet. This led me to look into the broadcast schedule for the rest of the season, which was not encouraging. Like previous years, many weekend games are only on local stations, plus the Comcast Network has quite a few (and I lost that station in my cable package this winter). This prompted me to put out $19.95 for complete access to MLB radio coverage for the entire 2010 season. So on days when I can’t see the game I can listen to the radio coverage. As an aside, listening to a baseball game on the radio is one of the most summerish activities I can think of. It screams lazy summer day.


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  1. It turns out the Cannondale, after being considered an initial favorite, came up small. (That is to say, I went for a test ride today and the frame size seems a bit too small.)

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