Spring Approaches, Plans are Made

Right now I am trying to balance my day-to-day work with my big picture work (aka planning). In the next few days I will be confirming experimental designs, tracking down supplies, meeting a statistical consultant, looking into leasing research space, and wondering why I didn’t get more of this done early in the winter.

My goal is to start four field experiments in 2010. The first one is targeted to begin in April, the second and third in May, and the fourth will be started in the late summer. A wild card exists, and that is the potential to recruit growers to host experiments at other locations in PA (in which case I may add to my number of experiments).

There is a distinct possibility you just read the last two paragraphs and experienced some boredom. So what? You might think. Why do I care how many experiments you run or what you’re doing? And you would be justified in thinking that. The reason I mentioned it at all is because all this planning has been preventing me from devoting much time to this blog (and it likely will continue to do so for the next few weeks). I’ve got a list of ideas for future posts; I just have not had time to develop them yet.

I tend to develop blog posts at random times. Like when I have insomnia, or I am walking/biking to campus, or have any excuse to let my mind wander. But lately my mind has not been wandering to deep thoughts about bacon, movies, sports, or other blog-worthy activities. Instead I’m continually thinking about firs, Phytophthora, handling data, and other “boring” research questions. I’m not sure if this is a good development or not. . .


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