SCEFC Set List (March 21)

On Sunday I’ll be serving as the worship leader at State College E-Free Church. The text for the message is John 18:28-19:16, which recounts Jesus being taken to Pilate and sentenced to die. When I read this passage I am reminded how fickle humans can be and how the love of Jesus remains the same. Just days before the crowd had gathered to celebrate, shouting “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” and “Blessed is the King of Israel!” But when Pilate gave the people a chance to demand Jesus’ freedom they were hostile. They called for the death of an innocent man and the freedom of a guilty man, which was more symbolic than they realized. As I put together the set list for this week I was thinking about the unchanging love Jesus has for us. I thought about His willingness to die for the benefit of others.

Prelude: (C) Lord Reign in Me – Brenton Brown

This song reminds me to think about the role the gospel has in my life and what my response should be. It is easy to be self-focused and caught up in the mundane. My goal is to live for more than just my own gratification, but rather “to reflect the beauty of my Lord.”

Song #1: (E) You Are Good – Israel Houghton

Jesus offered us hope and a future. He did that because He is good and his mercy endures forever. This song is lyrically rather simple, and at times it can feel repetitive, but I think it is fitting for this set. I decided to slow down the tempo just a bit and add a guitar riff through the verses. I’m also planning to use a short modified bridge built around a I, IIIb, IV chord movement.

Song #2: (G) Holy is the Lord – Chris Tomlin & Louis Giglio

Jesus submitted to Pilate’s verdict, yet He was not powerless to resist it. In a demonstration of mercy and grace that I cannot fathom He humbled Himself. On that day He was mocked and abused. One day every knee will bow and tongue confess that He is Lord, the anthem of His renown will be raised.

Song #3: (D) Once Again – Matt Redman

To close the main set we will reflect on the Gospel and offer our thanks.

Closing Song: (A) Jesus Paid It All – Elvina Hall & Alex Nafong

In closing we look again to the Gospel. If we reflect on the Gospel frequently it is only natural that we will begin to reflect it.



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2 responses to “SCEFC Set List (March 21)

  1. Chris

    “You Are Good”: Good call on the I-bIII-IV progression. Have you tried using a IV7 instead of just the IV? I think it adds a bit more gospel to the sound.

    • Interestingly enough, when the email notifying me of this blog comment arrived on my computer I was playing the bridge in question. I promptly introduced the IV7. I like it. It should be making an appearance tomorrow morning. . .

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