Considering a Road Bike

From time to time I get the urge to buy something. I’ll spend some time doing research on the item; I’ll weigh pros and cons. Sometimes I deem purchasing the item to be a bad idea, in which case I forget about it. Other times I give myself the green light.

Right now the item I am investigating is a road bike. In fact, I’m in a road bike infatuation stage where I’m sure I need one and every one I see turns my head.

You see, I’m thinking about using a bike to commute back and forth to one of my experiment sites this spring and summer. It’s about a 24 mile round trip on paved surfaces. The trip would be much more pleasant on a road bike than on a mountain bike. Financially speaking the new bike would not pay for itself, yet I still think it would be a good investment.

My current plan is to visit local bike shops in State College and check out used bikes in the immediate future. A bike auction will be held by PSU Surplus in early May, so if I don’t get a bike before then I’ll check that out.

So does anyone have any road bike advice for me? Anything I should consider? I’m focusing on entry level or mid-level bikes, are high performance bikes really worth the extra money?


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