Bowling for Pins

Tonight some of the members of my State College E-Free Life Group got together for dinner and a quick trip to the bowling alley. The light levels in the bowling alley were low, so it was nearly impossible to take worthwhile pictures with my little point and shoot camera (I assume using a flash in a bowling alley is a major breach of etiquette and a bad idea).

We did not get a picture of the full group, though here are blurry representations of a few of us toward the end of the night:

Now we see but a poor reflection.

I decided to shoot video of one frame. Andy was the lucky bowler in the spotlight, and he delivered.

My bowling technique is barely a technique at all. There is no curve and little spin involved. Since my trips to bowling alleys are currently slightly fewer in number than my trips to theatres; I take no pride in my bowling ability and do not claim to have any skills whatsoever. I’ve recorded a massive range in my scores in the past. Tonight I failed to get near my record high score; I only rolled a 137, 149, 145.

One thing that this evening prompted is serious consideration of buying a pair of bowling shoes. Not that I plan to bowl with much frequency, but if I pick up a pair on sale somewhere they will last a long time and eventually pay for themselves. And I noticed that Northland Bowl has unlimited bowling for $10 during some afternoons. Maybe I’ll get some shoes, bowl once a month or so, and set a new high score.



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2 responses to “Bowling for Pins

  1. Adam

    Isn’t that how golf started?

    Speaking of which… about to be that time of year again, isn’t it?

    • Bowling does not possess the same allure that golf does. Golf was always a serious temptation; bowling is just a novelty (and I’m not a fan of renting shoes). I’d say I’m as likely to purchase my own bowling ball as the Pirates are to win the NL championship this year.

      I’m not sure how long it will be until I return to the links this year. It’s looking like it will be a crazy spring and summer with research, so it might be tough.

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