My Fanhood MLB All-Star Team

A few nights ago I was having trouble falling asleep so I decided to select my lifetime MLB All-Star team. My selection criteria was thus: it will be a best of seven series between the NL and AL, only one player may be selected from each franchise, the player will perform at his average level for the team he is selected from (for instance, the Arizona Randy Johnson is far better than the New York Randy Johnson, and the Pittsburgh Barry Bonds is a 30/30 guy who plays good defense while the San Francisco Barry Bonds is a slugger and defensive liability), each player may only be selected once, only players who played during my MLB fanhood are eligible (the window for me is approximately 1987-present).

Here we go. First the Senior Circuit:

National League

C – Mike Piazza (Los Angeles)
1b – Albert Pujols (St. Louis)
2b – Chase Utley (Philadelphia)
3b – Matt Williams (San Francisco)
SS – Barry Larkin (Cincinnati)
LF – Barry Bonds (Pittsburgh)
CF – Carlos Beltran (New York)
RF – Tony Gwynn (San Diego)
SP – Greg Maddux (Atlanta)
SP – Randy Johnson (Arizona)
SP – Nolan Ryan (Houston)
SP – Javier Vasquez (Montreal)
SP – Josh Beckett (Florida)
RP – Lee Arthur Smith (Chicago)
UT – Paul Molitor (Milwaukee)*
UT – Larry Walker (Colorado)

*Paul would play for the AL to even up the sides and honor his career AL loyalty.

American League

C – Joe Mauer (Minnesota)
1b – Frank Thomas (Chicago)
2b – Roberto Alomar (Toronto)
3b – Alex Rodriguez (New York)
SS – Cal Ripken, Jr (Baltimore)
LF – Manny ramirez (Cleveland)
CF – Ken Griffey, Jr (Seattle)
RF – Juan Gonzalez (Texas)
SP – Pedro Martinez (Boston)
SP – Justin Verlander (Detroit)
SP – Chuck Finley (California)
SP – Zach Greinke (Kansas City)
RP – Dennis Eckersley (Oakland)
UT – Carl Crawford (Tampa Bay)

So what would your fanhood MLB All-Star team look like using the selection rules above?


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