Google Chrome: My Browser of Choice

In July of 2009 I wrote a post about switching from Internet Explorer to Firefox (Switching to Firefox). I used Firefox from mid-July through the end of 2009. As the year drew to a close I ran into some issues with slow page loads (particularly with my Google homepage) so I decided to give Google Chrome a chance.

Back when Chrome was released I downloaded it and took a look at it, though at the time I did not go to the trouble of customizing it and setting it up completely. This time I set it up and made it my primary browser on my desktop PC.

Of course this led to an awkward breakup with Firefox.

Me: Hey, this might sound rather sudden but I’ve decided to switch browsers.
Firefox: What?! I thought things were going well?
Me: I’m not aware of any delicate way to say this, you’ve been moving a little slow at times lately.
Firefox: You can’t even type correctly and you’re getting on my case about being slow? Do you know how agonizing it is to sit here waiting for you to type searches and addresses using four fingers?
Me: My typing is not the issue here.
Firefox: Are you going back to IE?
Me: No, I’m switching to Chrome.
Firefox: So I’m out? That’s it?
Me: Not exactly. I’ll leave you on my desktop PC as a secondary browser and you’ll remain the primary browser on my laptop.
Firefox: You’ll be back, after a few weeks Chrome will lose its luster.

After a month I’ve become a big fan of Chrome. I have not run into any compatibility issues, though some sites have a warning that I am using an incompatible browser everything still works fine.

I really like the simplicity and appearance of Chrome. On my PC I’ve noticed it has consistently faster page loads than Firefox, especially with my Google homepage. I like Google Chrome.


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