The Moon at its Best

This evening I browsed news headlines and an article caught my eye (Biggest and brightest full moon of 2010 tonight). Could you read that headline and not go outside to see how impressive the moon was? I couldn’t. I grabbed my camera and walked through the woods to the cornfield behind my apartment complex so I would have an unobstructed view.

From there I took this picture of the moon.

The moon on January 29, 2010.

This was not the first time I photographed our natural satellite. In August of 2008 I took a few pictures from the same location, though on that night it was not a full moon.

After downloading the pictures I took tonight to my computer I began to wonder what the moon would look like wearing a hat. So I decided to find out.

The moon wearing a Panama hat.

Considering it was about 15° F here in State College when I took the picture I figured the moon might be cold. I tried a knit cap next.

The moon wearing a knit cap.

And finally we all know the moon is a Phillies fan so I had to fix it up accordingly.

The moon is a Phillies fan.

Suddenly it occurred to me that it is Friday night and I am sitting here Photoshopping hats onto the moon. This is my leisure. And I laughed.


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