Utley Powers the Phils to New York

The 2009 World Series could have ended tonight. As the Phillies found their backs against a proverbial wall, Chase Utley hit two baseballs over a literal wall. That gives him five home runs in the series, tying Reggie Jackson’s record.

Cliff Lee pitched as a mere mortal on this night, surrendering 5 runs in 7+ innings. That being said, suspect defense behind him was responsible for allowing three of those runs.

  • After Chase Utley tied the MLB record for home runs in a World Series with a blast to rightfield, Ryan Howard stepped to the plate and tied the MLB record for strikeouts in a World Series. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Ryan also misplayed a ground ball that directly led to a Yankee run. Not the best night from the Big Piece. Hopefully he rebounds in New York.
  • Shane Victorino was hit in the right hand by a pitch in the first inning. While x-rays were negative, swelling might be a problem. Charlie pulled Shane out of the game before the 8th inning, which was a move I was not a fan of (I’m usually supportive of Charlie’s moves).
  • I am growing to really dislike Jorge Posada.
  • The strike zone got small and erratic again.
  • Little known fact: Johnny Damon is not capable of making an out in the 9th inning of a ballgame. If he happens to be retired in the 9th global warming will suddenly be reversed, leading to another ice age (sort of like a visit from the Coors Love Train). Al Gore has a group of scientists working on a strategy to harness this ice age inducing power.

I developed a headache over the final two innings of this game. The relaxing and carefree feel of the game disappeared, and I began to wonder if something really bad was going to happen (I didn’t lose hope, I thought they were going to win, but I was still nervous).

The Phillies live to play another day.

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=chase+utley&iid=6960324″ src=”3/9/6/e/New_York_Yankees_c95d.jpg?adImageId=10928957&imageId=6960324″ width=”380″ height=”268″ /]


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