A Twilight Round on the Penn State Blue Course

On Monday I started my day at 4:45am in preparation for this afternoon. Thanks to the early start on Monday I was able to finish up my work on Tuesday a bit before 3:00pm. And then I biked home at a rapid pace, got changed, grabbed my golf clubs, and met Julian at the PSU clubhouse for a 4:04pm tee time.

This was the second time in my life I played an 18 hole round of golf. I managed to knock 15 strokes off my previous score, so my current best score is 114. On this night my putter was much better than last time. I had 16 two puts, 1 three put, and 1 one put.

On the tee my driver actually worked. I set the ball up on the right side of the tee box, aimed a bit left, and let my natural slice bring the ball toward the middle. It worked out alright most of the time.

My irons were streaky, which was frustrating. I had some errant shots from around 150 yards that went wide right. I had a few chips that came up very short and a few that flew embarrassingly long.

I like my clubs better than the rental set I played with last time, which is a good thing.

As far as goals for the round, here is a report:

Shoot 115. I accomplished this goal by the narrowest of margins (114). I shot a 58 on the front nine and a 56 on the back nine.

Make at least one par. I failed at this.

Avoid two digit scores at any holes. Success, I managed to avoid two digit scores. I had two nines (on the fifth and seventh holes), but everything else was lower.

Have no need to cry “Fore!” This was a failure. For the first time in my life I had to yell the dreaded word. Thankfully I did not knock a golfer out. A heroic tree deflected the ball, causing it to fall harmlessly to the ground.

Lose three balls or less. I hit this number right on. I hit one ball into a serene little pond to the left of the second green. On the sixteenth hole I hit a 5 wood that sliced and struck the paved cart path, the ensuing bounce launched the ball out of bounds into the woods that borders the golf course. On the eighteenth hole I hit a 4 iron directly into the sun, I think the ball might have melted. While it should have been around the fairway it was nowhere to be found, I was blinded by the sun and never saw the flight of the ball. I had to take a drop.

Beat Julian. I used dual scoring (stroke play and match play) to give myself two opportunities. We had a spirited competition that saw numerous ties. The latest match scoring tie was after the fifteenth hole, while the last stroke tie was after the tenth hole. I did my best Lucas Glover impression on the finish.

Have fun. This was a definite win. It was a beautiful afternoon-evening for golf. The sun was shining, a light breeze was blowing, and at random times groundhogs wandered the course. We played the round in just a few minutes more than four hours, so we were not racing the darkness at the end.  Good times.



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2 responses to “A Twilight Round on the Penn State Blue Course

  1. Jules

    Well played sir. I think a rematch is in order after I get Tommy Johns surgery on my finger. They do that right?

    • A rematch sounds good to me. If your hand is healing slowly let me know. Some of my friends (Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds) know a guy who sells special vitamins that make you heal faster.

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