LIFE Magazine Photo Archives

If you ever have a few minutes to fill consider stopping by the LIFE Magazine website and take a look at the photo archives. You can run searches for keywords and specify the time period you are interested in.

I ran a search using the keyword baseball and the era of 1940-1950. The results are spectacular:

Richie Ashburn practices sliding during Spring Training in 1950.

Roy Campanella scores a run for the Dodgers in an October game in 1949 against the Phillies. The on deck hitter, the umpire, and many fans watch intently.

Satchel Paige sits on the ground, resting against a brick wall.

Players buying gloves from a vendor in 1948. No corporate sponsorships here.

And that is just the beginning. There are 581 images that fit this search criteria.

The amount of great pictures in the LIFE archive is amazing. Here is one last parting shot I found by searching the keyword Beatles in the early 1960s. Cassius Clay and The Beatles pose in a publicity shot in 1964. The champ seems to have flattened four musicians with one blow.

Old pictures are wonderful.


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