A Tussey Par 3 Experiment

Several weeks ago I wondered what would happen if I played multiple rounds of par 3 golf in a short time period. Today was the day I found out.

I went to Tussey Mountain in the late morning. My first task was to purchase a large bucket of balls for the driving range and calibrate my irons and woods. That took about 30 minutes. I decided to move on to the unlimited par 3 golf option at Tussey. They have a nine hole course.

The greens were in very good shape. Unfortunately so were the weeds that serve as hazard areas. I played five rounds in about four hours. I’d probably still be playing, but I had to go to campus to check on my hopefully-dying-firs in the late afternoon.

Here are my scores:

tussey_scoresI was really hoping to get a birdie, and I had three very close misses. One was a seven foot putt that stopped about twelve inches short, one was a sixty yard chip that missed by three inches, and the other was a thirty yard chip that rolled to six inches.

At times it felt and looked like it was going to rain this afternoon, but it did not. It was a beautiful afternoon to play 45 holes of golf.



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2 responses to “A Tussey Par 3 Experiment

  1. Byran

    I like that experiment.

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