Sneezing on the Field

This afternoon as I washed dishes it occurred to me that I have never seen a baseball player sneeze while between the foul lines. Not in person or on television. And I watch a lot of baseball.

So this leads me to a question: Have you ever seen a baseball player sneeze on the field?

My current hypothesis is that as soon as a baseball player enters the region between the foul lines he loses the ability to sneeze.

If you have any evidence to refute this hypothesis please let me know. If you’ve witnessed a sneeze at any level of organized baseball (little league, high school, collegiate, minor league, major league) I’d like to hear about it.


For the record, I have seen baseball players sneeze in the dugout and during a postgame interview that was being conducted outside the foul lines. This prevented me from developing a hypothesis involving baseball players being incapable of sneezing. . .


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