A Round of Golf on Memorial Day

This afternoon I golfed 18 holes for the first time in my life. Two years ago I played an abbreviated round (I think it was 14 holes). I joined Adam, Julian, Chris, and Jared at the PSU golf course. We played the White Course. Unfortunately we had to split into two groups, so I didn’t see much of Chris and Jared.

With my student discount it cost me $36 to rent clubs and play 18 holes. Not too bad. The weather was perfect for golf but the course was not crowded. The flags at each hole were American flags, I assume this was for Memorial Day.

I had my Nikon S210 with me, but I didn’t take many pictures. We ended up being in a hurry at the start and finish of our round, so I didn’t get a good group shot.


Adam, Julian, and Me at the 16th tee.

I did not play very well, but I did mix in several double bogeys, a couple bogeys, and one par (of which I am quite proud). My scores improved when I shelved my driver and used a 3 wood from the tee.

Of the five of us, Julian easily had the best score. I finished second with a score of 129. I managed to lose two golf balls (they weren’t that far off the fairway, but they hid well).

Golf tempts me. Some day when my resolve weakens I might actually buy a set of clubs. . .



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2 responses to “A Round of Golf on Memorial Day

  1. Jules

    That was a lot of fun. Let me know if you ever want to go again.

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