Strange Advertising

I read the Centre Daily Times online most days. There is a frequent advertisement from a local business establishment that delights me because it is so terrible. Take a look at this ad:


I can just imagine the marketing meeting. We need a snappy graphic to capture the essence of our company. Something youthful. Something classy. Something that demands attention. And then at the next meeting someone presents this:


With a sales pitch, of course: It’s a baby (youthful), wearing a top hat (classy), with a loaded diaper (demands attention). And to make it even better, when we use the image for online advertising we can put a link on the diaper that goes to our website! 

And everyone agreed.

These marketing people must work for the NHL.



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2 responses to “Strange Advertising

  1. It looks like they paid someone to create a new years graphic and they want to get their money’s worth.

    • I think you’re right. The 2009 on the top hat doesn’t seem to have any other explanation. I’ll be watching for more of their advertising in the future. . .

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