Kornheiser Leaves MNF

I’ve mentioned in the past that I have a mix of love and hate for ESPN. Things became a bit brighter with the announcement of Stephen a Smith’s  departure (my least favorite ESPN personality). And then I got to hear Skip Bayless (my second least favorite ESPN personality) get chastised by Mike Missanelli last week. Recently I heard the news that Tony Kornheiser will be leaving the Monday Night Football broadcast team, which is wonderful news.

Tony Kornheiser encapsulates my conflict with ESPN. I love hearing hm on PTI, but can’t stand him as a color commentator on MNF. So the move was welcomed by me. Let Tony debate Wilbon, that is where he belongs.

To sweeten the deal ESPN is bringing Jon Gruden to the MNF booth. He will certainly be back in coaching next season, so this is a temporary fill, but I still like it. I always liked Gruden when he was the offensive coordinator in Philly. I hoped the Eagles would offer him the head coaching job. As a head coach he seems to be a bit overbearing, and in hindsight I’m glad the Eagles ended up with Andy Reid (at times Andy drives me crazy with his play calling because he tends to go pass happy pretty often, but he’s a good coach). But I will always feel some degree of fondness for Gruden.

So ESPN improved their football broadcast team. Of course, this coming season the NFL will be under a cloud following John Madden’s retirement. I’ll miss hearing him call games.


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