SCEFC Set List (May 17)

On Sunday I am serving as the worship leader at State College E-Free Church. I know the sermon will have something to do with evangelism, but I’m not sure of the text or main point(s). When I think of evangelism the first thing that comes to mind is motivation. What should my motivation be? With that in mind I decided to plan a set list that focuses on the holiness of God and His grace toward me.

Prelude – (E) Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee – Henry van Dyke 

This will be the first time I’m using a true prelude song. It will start a few minutes before the service officially begins. I’ve always liked the lyrics to this song, with the exception of a line in the third verse: “All who live in love are Thine” which seems like liberal theology to me. After reading I John 4:7-21 I am willing to accept the lyric if it is referring to love in the same context, but it still sounds off to me when I hear it in the song. 

Song #1 –  (D) Holy – Brenton Brown

We start by acknowledging God’s holiness, righteousness, and mercy. The bridge of this song states that all blessing, honor, power, and wisdom belongs to Him. I think this is a good place to start if we’re thinking about evangelism.

Song #2 – (G) Holy is the Lord – Chris Tomlin & Louie Giglio 

I see this song as a reminder to respond to God’ holiness. To worship and acknowledge Him. To join in the anthem of His renown. Evangelism is proclaiming the Gospel, which is part of that anthem.

The references to standing up with raised hands and bowing down in the verse of this song mean different things to me. At times they are literal. At times they refer to my attitude. And at times they remind me to be bold and unashamed in making an appropriate response.

Song #3 – (G) Your Grace is Enough – Matt Maher

This song speaks of redemption. Grace, love, and justice. By reminding myself of the grace I have received I am more likely to talk about that grace.

I’m planning to use the Chris Tomlin version of the lyrics of this song. Matt Maher (pronounced Mar, like Car) wrote this song, though Tomlin brought it to popularity in 2004 when he included it on an album. Tomlin made some slight adjustments to the lyrics, and truth be told I like his version better than the original. Maher recently released a new version of the song that is very similar to the Tomlin version (by very similar I mean almost identical).

Song #4 – (A) Majesty – Martin Smith & Stuart Garrard 

The main song set closes with this song, reflecting on the miracle of the Gospel. Love that I cannot understand has changed me. I am forgiven so that I can forgive.

Closing Song – (G) Hallelujah – Brenton Brown & Brian Doerkson

I had difficulty selecting a closing song. The reason I selected this one is that it talks about being motivated by love. Motivated to sing. As I reflect on the Gospel I want to be motivated to action. To sing, speak, and live my life as a response.

So that is the set list. I’ve been playing through these songs over the past few days, working on transitions and chord voicings. I’m still not sure how much arranging I will try to do at rehearsal, my plan is to take it slow.

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