Goaded to Awareness

It is easy to take things for granted.

For instance, my back has served me quite well over the years. I normally ignore it, seldom praise it, and generally take it for granted. Over the years I have occasionally tweaked a muscle in it that took a few days to heal, but those occurrence are distant memories.

Until this morning. As I pivoted my bike this morning while removing it from its parking space I was thinking about experiment preparations. My mind was yanked into the moment when my back suddenly protested. A muscle moved in a way it should not have.

Since that moment I have not gone more than five consecutive minutes today without thinking about my back. There is no such thing as a comfortable position. I think I have a high pain tolerance level, but just the same I’d love to have my old back back.

If previous experience applies it should return in about three days if I do not further aggravate it. Previous experience also indicates that getting out of bed tomorrow morning is going to be seriously unpleasant.

So if your back feels good right now give it a compliment, it deserves it.


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