PSU Blue-White Game: 2009

On Saturday afternoon I attended the PSU Blue-White game, which is a spring football scrimmage. The weather was spectacular. I arrived at Beaver Stadium well before the game started. After contemplating the best seating location I settled on a spot near the corner of the endzone. I was hoping to get some nice shots of goal line plays, and hoping some action occurred near the pylon in front of me.

I got several shots of Daryll Clark early in the game.


Daryll Clark surveys the field.


Clark throws over the middle.

 When Joe Suhey crashed into the endzone in the first quarter I had a good vantage point. 


Joe Suhey scores the first TD.

I learned something new at this game. Evidently it matters which yellow flag the officials have. During one play three officials all threw flags. After the penalty call they picked up the flags, but they looked at them and traded them with each other. Not one of the officials kept the original flag he picked up. I thought all flags were the same, but I guess that’s not the case. They must be marked to identify which official they belong to.


All flags are not created equal?

In the second quarter Matthew McGloin scrambled to his right. He received an epic block from a teammate (this is shown on the right side of the picture) that elicited an “oohh” from thousands of people. In the picture it looks like both players are playing for the blue squad, but the guy delivering the blow has on a white vest (the kind that is ubiquitous in gym classes across the country).


Matthew McGloin scrambles.

The Nittany Lion hung out close to my section for a while. I think he ate someone. Look at the picture below. Do you see a nose behind his teeth? First a DUI and now eating fans. The Nittany Lion is a menace to society.


The man-eating Nittany Lion.


Spider cat, spider cat, does whatever a spider cat does.

Many players got onto the field during the course of the game. The score remained close.


Shane McGregor prepares to fire.

In the end the final score was white team 21, blue team 16. A new Blue-White game attendance record was set at 76,500. That’s an impressive crowd, though I’m surprised there has not been a bigger turnout. I guess many people would rather drink a beer (or many beers) at a tailgate than go to the game.

As soon as the game ended the gates by the endzones were opened and the fans were permitted to go onto the field. I walked the entire distance of the field. I found it interesting how chewed up the turf was between the hash marks. It was evident big men in cleats had been there.


Fans meander on the field.

This was the second Blue-White game I attended. I hope to catch more of them in the future. It’s a cheap way to see the Nittany Lions play in Beaver Stadium.

By the way, there were two dramatic plays in the corner of the endzone (right in front of me) during the game. On both occasions someone walked in front of me as I tried to photograph the play (this happened frequently during the game). Next year I’ll pick a seat that does not have a walkway in my sight line. . .


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