A Morning on the Links

This morning I met Adam, Chris, and Julian at Tussey Mountain for a little par 3 golf (in my case par fore is more appropriate). I am not a golfer. This is the third time I have played the Tussey par 3 course. After an optimistic start on the first hole my golf game descended into the realm of Charles Barkley (for those of you non-sports fans, he is a retired NBA player who is a notoriously bad golfer).

Golf is a beautiful, ugly, fun, frustrating, good, terrible game. It would be easy for me to become addicted to it, so I treat it cautiously. For this reason I emphatically say I am not a golfer. I resist its allure.

The weather was nearly perfect this morning. Many of the greens were a bit rough, I attribute my poor putting game to that.

Jules dominated.

Tiger at the tee box.

Tiger at the tee box.

In the moment before each tee shot there is so much potential and expectation. In my mind I see what should happen. Reality is harsh.


Adam prepares to launch a tee shot.

I had two goals going into the round. I wanted to:

1. Not lose my golf ball.

2. Make par on two holes or make a birdie.

Goal #1 = success. Goal #2 = failure.


This is us after we hit little white balls with sticks and chased them.

I might spend an afternoon this summer playing multiple rounds of par 3 golf. I am interested to see what would happen if I played a few rounds. I suspect that for the first three rounds I would improve my score, but after that who knows?



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2 responses to “A Morning on the Links

  1. OverThe TopGolf

    What the heck kind of golf course is that in the photos. Looks more like a strip mine or a rock quarry.

    Frankie C


    • It’s a par 3 course that is located at a small ski slope. The lodge and some of the slopes are in the background of the last picture I posted. The gravel in the foreground of the picture is from the parking lot. . .

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