The First Dog

News stories have chronicled the process of the Obama family getting a dog. I have not read or listened to any of them (aside from little snippets I could not avoid). No offense to President Obama and his dog, but I really could not care less.

I cannot name or recall any other presidential pets (I’m sure there were many that were famous). In fact, the only celebrity pets I can name are Paris Hilton’s dog Tinkerbell (I despise the fact that I know this) and Pat Burrell’s dog Elvis.

I’m curious how many people are really interested in the story of the First Dog. My prompting for writing this post came from a headline I saw in a news feed: “Five Things You Don’t Know About First Dog Bo.” I think it could read “Five Things I’ll Never Know About First Dog Bo.” Hey, at least now I know his name is Bo. . .


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