Perspective: A Cookie Illustration

Over the past several weeks I have baked a few batches of monster cookies. I was experimenting with different recipes and cookie sizes. I’ve given away quite a few cookies from those batches, and I noticed that many people commented on their size. Most of them were a modest size  (Figure 1).


Figure 1. A cookie.

“That’s a big cookie” they would say. “Wow, these are huge.” And other such comments. What they didn’t know was that I was also experimenting with monster cookies of unusual size that dwarfed these robust modest cookies. These larger cookies you can hide behind (Figure 2). 


Figure 2. A bigger cookie.

So this made me think about perspective.

If you have talents or skills that people compliment you on, it is very helpful to hang out with and be exposed to bigger cookies. That way you can stay humble.

As a guitarist I am a modest sized cookie (Figure 1). My brother is a bigger cookie (Figure 2) and I know many others that fit into that category. I also listen to guitarists (in person and via recording) that remind me how small I am. I saw Phil Keaggy in concert once. That man needs an aircraft carrier to move his cookie. I suppose it’s about the size of Rhode Island. 

So the next time you start to feel like a big cookie just look around. There’s probably a bigger cookie close by.


Big cookie? It's a matter of perspective.


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