Draft Day 2009

raging_chloro_newlogo_sfThis afternoon I drafted The Raging Chlorophyll 2009 roster. The league is a head-to-head 5×5 (AVG, HR, RBI, R, SB and W, K, SV, ERA, WHIP) format. If that means nothing to you this will probably be a boring post. Sorry (I’m afraid that was a rather insincere apology).

I drafted out of the 7th position. Here are my picks:

Rd    Player

1.  Ryan Howard (1B) 
2. Alex Rodriguez (3B)
3. Brian Roberts (2B)
4. Nate Mcclouth (OF)
5. Rafael Furcal (SS)
6. Shane Victorino (OF)
7. Garrett Atkins (1B/3B)
8. Jonathan Broxton (RP)
9. Yovani Gallardo (SP)
10. Alex Gordon (3B)
11. Ricky Nolasco (SP)
12. Brett Myers (SP)
13. Pat Burrell (OF)
14. Rick Ankiel (OF)
15. Brian Wilson (RP)
16. Shin-Soo Choo (OF)
17. Mark Buehrle (SP)
18. A.J. Pierzynski (C)
19. Ubaldo Jiminez (SP)
20. Gavin Floyd (SP)
21. Yunel Escobar (SS)
22. George Sherrill (RP)
23. Kurt Suzuki (C)

Let the games begin!



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4 responses to “Draft Day 2009

  1. Bobby

    Not a bad squad – Our draft was a few days ago feel free to check out my team. I likeyou picks of shin-soo in the 16th and Floyd in the 20th.

    • Thanks, I’m pretty happy with my team. I think I have a nice core of speed and power. In the past two seasons I have done well picking up an impact player or three from waivers (last year Edinson Valquez and Chris Ianetta), so I’ll be keeping my eyes open.

      I’m not able to check out your team because you do not have your blog linked to your profile. If you blog at WordPress you can link your blog by going to Users –> Your Profile –> Contact Info –> Website (then add your blog address).

  2. Jesse

    Nice pickup of Broxton and Gallardo… they have the potential to be solid studs this year.

    • Thanks, I targeted Broxton because I feel he has a chance to be a front line closer this year. I didn’t want to use an early draft pick for Papelbon or Lidge or one of the the other big names. Gallardo intrigued me last year. I saw him pitch a few times and it seemed like he could be a big time K guy.

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