SCEFC Set List (April 5)

On Sunday I will be serving as the worship leader at State College E-Free Church. The passage for the message is John 13:34-35, which speaks of Jesus’ love for us and His command for us to love each other. My friend Adam is preaching. I decided to go with a rather ambiguous theme this week, though in my mind there is a clear progression through the songs.

Song #1 – (G) No One Like You – David Crowder et al.

I had Palm Sunday in mind when I planned this song. Jesus demonstrated what sacrifice and love look like. He did not run from His death, but faced it boldly. In reflecting on this I ask myself how He could be so good to me and how I could ever deny that love.

Song #2 – (A) Mighty to Save – Reuben Morgan & Ben Fielding

This song is very fitting as we look back at Jesus entering Jerusalem. As He was cheered by the same people who would demand His death He held a power to save them they did not understand. From the perspective of today that power is easier to see, but still difficult to understand. Mighty to Save speaks of the redemptive work of Jesus, our need for it, and what our response should be to it.

Song #3 – (E) How Deep the Father’s Love for Us – Stuart Townend

Here we look at God’s love, the death and resurrection of Jesus, our need for salvation, and receiving forgiveness.

I’m looking forward to putting together an arrangement that involves some keyboard string sounds, an acoustic guitar, and a few bass notes.  

Song #4 – (A) Jesus Paid it All – Elvina Hall & Alex Nafong 

This song continues the themes from the previous song, concluding with a statement of gratitude in the bridge.

Every time I use this song I fight the temptation to move it up to the key of B. The reason being it allows the bass note in the IV chord during the verse to be the lowest note that is played (a low E). It also moves the melody of the verses up into into a more comfortable vocal range. The problem with the key of B is the bridge at the end gets very high. I even experimented with a pre-bridge instrumental with a key down. That didn’t work.

Closing Song – (G) Forever – Chris Tomlin

As we leave thinking about the love of God, the love Jesus demonstrated, and the challenge to love each other I think it is fitting to remind ourselves of God’s faithfulness. His love endures forever!

– This will be the first week I have led music at E-Free since I got my cut capo that I will not be using it.

– I have my fantasy baseball draft Saturday afternoon before music practice, so I will be doing some of my usual Saturday prep work early. And I will likely be playing my guitar between draft picks.

– This is a communion Sunday, so I need to decide how to provide background music for that. Right now I’m leaning toward simply playing through chord progressions without a true melody line. To be decided. . .


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One response to “SCEFC Set List (April 5)

  1. Paul

    Sometimes it’s nice to just have a CD with a couple good songs on it for communion…..that way the band gets to take communion too!

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