The First Baseball Game of the Season

This evening I decided to head to Lubrano Park at Medlar Field to watch the Nittany Lions host the Ohio State Light Brown Dehiscent Capsules (Buckeyes). It was a cool evening that became chilly by the time the game ended.

As I sat in section 109 waiting for the game to begin I noticed that the signs for Yuengling and Bud Light were not lit and flipped upsidedown and backwards. One of the Altoona Curve signs was also in this state.


I think Yuengling still tastes the same when it's upsidedown and backwards.

Things looked good early on. Penn State scored two runs in the first, and starter T.J. Macy pitched 4 2/3 innings of no-hit baseball. When he lost the no-hitter  he did it in epic fashion, surrendering five runs before picking up the pesky final out of the 5th inning. Macy pitched 7 inning, giving up 5 earned runs on only 4 hits . . . but he walked 5.


T.J. Macy on the mound.

From my vantage point at the corner of the PSU dugout I could hear conversations between the players. Highlights included discussions about plasma versus LCD televisions, the scheduling of final exams, the status of one player’s laundry, and the hazards of a cup malfunction. I also got to hear bench jockeying aimed at the first base umpire after a doubleplay call (the umpire was right) and what I think was pitcher Jesse Alfreno having a meltdown in the tunnel below me after he pitched poorly.


Two players converse while watching the game.

Early in the game I shot this picture of Blake Lynd diving into first base ahead of a pickoff throw.


Blake Lynd dives back to first base.

A group of Penn State students was sitting above the Ohio State dugout. They heckled the OSU players aggressively for the first seven innings. My favorite routine occurred when rightfielder Michael Arp went to the plate. The students would bark like seals, saying “Arp, Arp, Arp . . .” 

By the end of the game the heckling died out. Ohio State won the game by a final score of 8-3.

I did get to see one play that I have never witnessed in person. In the 6th inning DH Wes Borden chapped a foul ball at the plate that was well into foul territory, then seemed to strike something and ricochet back into play. It was one of the weirdest looking plays I have ever seen.

In closing I have to mention the terrible ping sounds that accompanied every batted ball. Aluminum bats are evil.



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2 responses to “The First Baseball Game of the Season

  1. i like watching baseball. I cent play but watching is enjoyable too.

  2. oyun

    This blog’s great!! Thanks

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