Temple University Delivers Excellent E-Mail Service

As a Temple University alumnus I have a temple.edu e-mail address. During my time at Temple the e-mail service was not very good. I just forwarded the account to another address and rarely used it. Here at PSU I have not been very impressed with the University’s e-mail service. The system they use reminds me of Temple’s old system. I have my PSU account forwarded to another account.

A few weeks ago Temple began a new era of e-mail service. They have signed on with Google, and now provide a form of Gmail (with some nice Temple-specific tools). The quality of the service is good enough to be a stand alone e-mail address. It is a first class .edu e-mail address (I had no idea they existed).

I’m considering making my Temple account my primary address. Right now I manage my Gmail, Temple, and Comcast addresses through Outlook. My Juno, Yahoo, and Verizon addresses are on their own. And my PSU account is forwarded to my Gmail account. Currently my primary address is my Gmail account. . .

I advise other colleges and universities to look into this type of Gmail partnership.


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