The Tortoise and the Hare 2.0

A tortoise and a hare stood by a busy road. Both wanted to get to the other side for unspecified reasons. For a moment they conferred, discussing the best way to cross the street. Not surprisingly they disagreed. The tortoise urged caution, the hare was all about speed.

Eventually the hare grew impatient. “I’m tired of talking” he said. “I’m going to cross the road.” Suddenly he darted out into traffic, moving quickly. Halfway across the road he encountered a truck. The truck won.

The tortoise shook his head sadly. He waited patiently for a break in traffic, then began to shuffle deliberately across the road. As he crosses the yellow lines a truck approached. At nearly the same spot where the hare had met his demise the tortoise went to the terrarium in the sky.

So what is the moral of the story?

Take your time picking your spots, then move quickly.

And here is a bonus moral. Before you attempt to cross a road you’d better have a good reason for doing it.


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