All About the Team

This afternoon I caught the end of the game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Phoenix Suns. Tim Duncan really impressed me.

During most of the fourth quarter Tim Duncan was on the bench. Coach Popovich must have wanted to go with certain match-ups, or maybe he wanted to save some plays for the postseason. Whatever the reason, Duncan ended up on the bench even though he was playing well.

And while he was on the bench he demonstrated exactly how a player should support his team when he is not in the game. He cheered his teammates. At each timeout he would come out on the floor and congratulate players who had made big plays. He relished his team’s success. He didn’t dwell on being on the bench. He didn’t sulk. He remained part of the team, even though he wasn’t on the floor.

I respect that.

This is part of the reason I despise terrell owens so much. In contrast, terrell feels he is bigger than his team. So far every NFL team he has played for has had to cut him solely because of his attitude. He has talents and skills; he’s just such a bad teammate that teams feel they are better off without him. That speaks volumes.

I appreciate athletes who value the success of their teams above their own success.


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