Composition: A Thoughtful Photograph

When I am walking to and from campus I frequently encounter other humans. Many times they are walking in pairs.

Yesterday as I walked home I observed one of these pairs. For some reason the male had a knitted hat over his entire head, and the female had a hand on his elbow and was directing him. Strangely enough, the guy with the hat over his entire head was holding a camera. I figured they were eccentric.

Moments later I passed another pair that looked like this. Then another. Then another (and so on). It occurred to me that this must be a photography class.

I saw a woman standing beside the trail. As I approached she looked at me (a considerable amount of agitation on her face). “Did you dump your partner?”

“I’m sorry?” (I said this with a look of confusion on my face.)

It seems the instructor mistook me for one of her students. She suddenly became friendlier (and sheepish) and apologized.

As I continued walking I tried to figure out what the assignment had been. I think it must be an exercise in composition. The person who is not blindfolded must describe the scene exactly to the person who must photograph what they cannot see.

I’m going to try describing the next picture I take before I shoot it. . .

Has anyone participated in an exercise similar to this? Have I interpreted it correctly?


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  1. I haven’t but that sounds like a lot of fun!

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