Perceptions of Privacy and an Unfortunate Circumstance

Perceptions of Privacy – Today I was thinking about perceptions of privacy. I believe one of my neighbors has a misperception of acoustics, which results in him foregoing his privacy. When he is in his apartment (next door) talking to someone or talking on the phone I hear the muffled tone of his voice. I only hear distinct words if he raises his voice, which is very rare. So his apartment is private. When he walks out onto his balcony, however, things change. I hear every word. It’s like he’s sitting on my couch talking on the phone.

Now the balcony gives a false sense of privacy. Clear sight lines to the area in front and below the balcony allow confirmation that no one is nearby. Traffic noise from Vairo Boulevard seems like it should cover everything that is said. It seems like it would be private. But each apartment balcony has a glass sliding door, and those doors entice words to visit (I realize this is not acoustically sound logic). So every once in awhile my neighbor gets a phone call and steps out onto his balcony to “talk in private.”

So his efforts to obtain privacy are resulting in its very loss. Of course I try to help him out, my rule is that any time he takes a call on his balcony I grab a guitar to reestablish his privacy. Any excuse to suddenly stop working and play the guitar is appreciated.

An Unfortunate Circumstance – I’ve been planning to order a Von Hayes jersey for months. It was supposed to be a powder blue Cooperstown Collection jersey with maroon lettering. I finally ordered the jersey, full of anticipation. The mere thought of the jersey could make me smile.

A few minutes ago I got a call. It was from the company I ordered the jersey from. Sadly the order had to be cancelled. The MLB Players Association has a series of contracts with the manufacturers of jerseys. Any official jersey (one that contains the real team logo) can only use player name and number combinations if that player is licensed for use. Von Hayes is not licensed. So it is impossible to buy a legal Von Hayes jersey.

I will own a Von Hayes jersey. I don’t care if I need to fly to Bangkok and buy it from a street vendor. In the next few weeks I will be exploring the baseball jersey blackmarket.

It appears that the most logical approach is to buy a blank authentic jersey, then take that jersey to a company that does jersey embroidery and get them to use lettering that is as close to the original as possible.

If wanting a Von Hayes jersey makes me a criminal, a criminal I will be.


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  1. Rebecca

    I have some leftover Asia Miles from Cathay Pacific – we could split the remaining balance on the cost of our trip to Bangkok. I know just the place where you could get a blackmarket jersey and we could get there on my trusty elephant steed.

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