An Inconvenient Ad Placement

This evening I stopped by the ESPN MLB page to check the headlines. I was looking to see if Ken Griffey Jr had officially signed with the Braves yet.

I noticed a humorous connection between the first headline and a prominent ad on the page.


Notice that the top headline in the upper right corner reads “A-Rod says he got ‘energy booster’ injection.” Stories about A-Rod litter the page. Among this PED bashing and righteous indignation there is a fishy ad that says “Tired of being tired?” A smiling doctor offers you FRS, which “many of the world’s best athletes” use. Hmmmmmm. I think I’ll pass.

Any kind of wonder supplement that goes by a few initials and promises to make me stronger, faster, or more energized is dubious indeed.

By the way, I titled this post before I noticed the headline on the feature article was “Convenient Truth.” It appears Al Gore is never far from our minds.


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One response to “An Inconvenient Ad Placement

  1. At least the product has some sort of technical name… though it would’ve been much more hilarious had it been called “The Juice”.


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