Cricket, Credit Cards, and Cranberries

Cricket – This afternoon I watched the Stanford 20/20 final between the Stanford Superstars and England (it was played on November 1, 2008). After watching the match I feel I am slowly gaining an understanding of basic cricket rules (or at least twenty20 rules). I’d love to see a match in person. Maybe someday I’ll go to the Philadelphia International Cricket Festival.

Credit cards – I recently received an updated credit card that I needed to activate. In the past I have called to activate cards and it was a simple process. Not this time. I had to listen to numerous sales pitches and continually decline card upgrades before I could activate my card. I’m good at stopping sales calls when I am talking to a person (I can deliver a forceful and decisive no when I have to), but handling a sales call that is recorded is maddening.

On the topic of automated phone calls, several months ago I was attempting to contact a business for something (I cannot remember what company or why) and my call was transferred from department to department by the automated system. As I listened to a robotic voice deliver yet another menu that did not have an option that applied I voiced my frustration: “Arrrggghh! I just want to talk to a freaking human!” Suddenly the voice delivering the menu stopped and a new voice said “Your call is being transferred to an operator.” Success! I’m not sure if I said the magic phrase, or the volume of my voice activated something, or what happened. I tried a similar tactic with my credit card call: “Arrrgghhh! I just want to activate my card!” It didn’t work.

Cranberries – I have nothing to say about cranberries. They made the title purely for the purpose of alliteration.


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