Making up Time, Endorsements, and College Athletes

Making up Time – I do my best to live by the adage “Never make up time on the road or while shaving.” Making up time on the road increases your likelihood of causing an accident or earning a citation. Making up time while shaving is counterproductive because you will likely use up those extra minutes stopping the bleeding anyway.

A few days ago I saw someone break both parts of this adage simultaneously. I was on Blue Course Drive, when I noticed the car in front of me (which was speeding) was drifting to the right. He went into the shoulder and came within a few inches of the curb. Suddenly the car whipped back over into the lane. I could see that the driver was leaning over to look in the rearview mirror and his right hand was up by his face. It looks like that guy is trying to shave while he’s driving I thought to myself. When we reached a traffic light I was able to confirm this. Sadly he was using an electric shaver and not a razor.

Endorsement – Michael Phelps has been all over the news the past few days. This time it has nothing to do with swimming fast. Mr Phelps was photographed with a bong, and now he is feeling the fallout.

I think Kellogg’s (and his other sponsors) got really lucky. Who wants to sponsor a swimmer this far away from the Olympics? Sure he was great to have as a spokesman during the few weeks after the 2008 Olympics, but now most people could not care less about swimming. By the time the next summer Olympic games rolls around the bong furor will have faded and he can be safely signed to another deal. The sponsors just saved a few years of funding.

College Athletes – I am of the opinion that college athletes that earn money for universities should be payed a small stipend. Refusing to do this in the name of preserving their amateur status is ridiculous. College athletes in major athletic programs are not amateurs. They spend their time training and preparing for games. It’s not like playing football or basketball is just a hobby or after school activity.


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